Thank You Wayne

Really sad to hear that the author Dr Wayne Dyer has passed away at the age of 75. However I must clarify that although I am certain Wayne is delighted to have moved on to his next adventure, my sadness is because I deeply understand the pain of separation that those he left behind will no doubt be feeling.

What a wonderful man,  I am forever using one of his quotes – which was also the subtitle of one of his many books – with myself, with my family and with people who want to know more about Kinesiology.

‘When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.’

Having seen him in person on stage a few years ago, I really believe he was one of those rare individuals who ‘walked his talk’ and although I can’t proclaim that same level of dedication (though I work on it every day) because of his books and teachings I certainly now am in a much better position than I was.

I’m sure you’ll agree that the true mark of a person isn’t who they are when they are in front of a camera, an audience or a microphone … it is who they are behind closed doors with the people who know them best, which is why I love this home movie that Wayne’s daughter Serena shared on her Facebook page. You can hear him talking about how much he loves (and talks to) his plants at the beginning and teasing one of his daughters about her dancing at the end – while seemingly oblivious to the fact that that the video may end up on the internet!

Home Video

Click image to view Serena”s home video on Facebook

I had booked tickets to see him again in London in October but instead I shall return to my bookshelf and revisit some of his titles. If you haven’t come across Wayne Dyer yet, a few of his books that I would recommend are I Can See Clearly Now, Wishes Fulfilled, The Power of Intention and the audio book of Excuses Begone is also really worth getting. His voice is as lovely to listen to as his words are to read.

Thank you Wayne for all your answers to life’s really big questions …

Since writing this blog Wayne Dyer’s daughter has released this remarkable statement … CLICK HERE TO READ