Lunar or Loony?

The lack of information that women and girls are given about how sacred their periods are is an enormous reason why our planet is in such a state of upheaval (because so much powerful feminine energy is not being utilised) …   and news of the latest sanitary gadget only reinforces my feelings of that truth.

The Looncup (due for worldwide shipping in 2016) uses Bluetooth technology to connect to a free Android or iOS app to monitor your menstrual cycle. Apart from the terrifying idea (for me anyway) of wearing anything that has the ability to be Bluetooth enabled so close to the body … I am so saddened that once again we are being encouraged to study data, rather than connect with our own inner wisdom.


The main app display tells you at a glance how full the cup is.

I grew up like lots of girls believing that periods were a ‘curse’, that they were painful and pointless. In fact I remember the very first time I started my period at home after school. I went straight to the phone and rang my Mum who said with a sympathetic and slightly amused tone ‘ welcome to womanhood.’

Its only been in my 30’s that I have learned of why we have them … and it isn’t just to do with having babies. You see according to the author Dr Christine Page during our reproductive years a woman has on average 420 cycles, yet only 1-2 babies. Why on earth do we need 420 cycles and thousands upon thousands of eggs if we only have on average 1 or 2 children? Well the answer is that women’s bodies are very powerful alchemic vessels of consciousness. We are not only able to birth babies with our eggs, but we are capable of birthing new ideas and inspiration with them as well.

However for this to happen women also need to begin to understand how to healthily carry, labour (and release) their own emotions and perhaps even the emotions of their families in their transformative womb through the birth, growth, decay and death stages of each cycle. Interestingly the moon also goes through those four stages and interestingly an average woman’s menstrual cycle, just like the lunar phase cycle is 29.5 days. Could it be possible that the moon and our emotions (rather than a bluetooth enabled mobile phone app) has much more to teach women about their periods in a safer, more natural, more conscious and more meaningful way?

This subject is too enormous for this blog, however if you would like information about the wisdom contained within women’s menstrual cycles please visit and if you would like more information about how to protect yourself from potentially harmful EMF’s (Electro Magnetic Fields) visit

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