Light is Life

Every moment of light and dark is a miracleWalt Whitman

British Summer Time has officially ended which means of course that the nights are getting longer and darker.

Keeping your spirits up can be hard work for some people in Autumn and Winter, because light in itself is incredibly healing and is responsible for the regulation of our hormones and various other systems in the body.

If you are struggling at this time of year, please make sure you have regular Kinesiology balances and it can also be beneficial to get your Vitamin D levels checked too. Vitamin D is known as the sunshine vitamin and when our levels are low, we can find the changing seasons tough going.

Meanwhile I wonder if you have ever asked yourself what light actually is? My 11 year old recently asked me that question and it opened up all sorts of conversations about how light makes things visible, how light can relate to someone’s mood or a feeling and how light helps us to live. I told her that I even use a lazer in some of my Kinesiology class demonstrations to show students how to promote healing with light.

After our chat, my daughter then went back to her homework and finished the last few lines of her poem which of course was about light. I liked it so much that I thought I would share it on this blog as we say goodbye to British Summer Time for this year.


It wakes you up in the morning
and tells you when the day is dawning
It shimmers on the lake beyond
the hills you look out upon
Sometimes bright, sometimes slight
its the sparkle of a starry night
Fighting through the autumn leaves
that are falling from the tallest trees
It leaves a twinkle on the ground
so shadows can lie all around

Light is an essential cast from above
Light is life, light is love