Become An Alchemist (with Bach)

‘The simple things are the most extraordinary things and only the wise can see them.’
– Paulo Cohelo, The Alchemist

Giving the people who come to see you for a Kinesiology treatment that little bit extra can sometimes make all the difference not only to how they feel when they leave your clinic but also to how they feel about returning for repeat treatments and also to how they recommend you to people they know.

One really simple way of going that extra mile is to help them save a few pennies and you can do that when a client comes to you and tests for more than a couple of flower remedies (which can sometimes happen especially when you start to explore emotions further on our Practitioner Training.)

Bach Flower Remedies are solutions of brandy and water – which contain extreme dilutions of flower/plant material that holds natural healing properties to balance our personalities. Developed in the 1930s by Dr Edward Bach, an English physician, homeopath and keen observer of human behaviour, these 38 tincture bottles are a must-have tool for any Kinesiologist or Kinesiologist in training. Click here for more information.

Instead of suggesting that the client goes away to the nearest health food store to stock up on three or four remedies why not become an alchemist and put a few drops of each one in an empty tincture bottle and top up with filter water for them to take away. Not only will you be saving the client the best part of £15-30 (10ml remedies can cost around £3.95 and £20ml can cost around £7.50.) but you will be increasing the chances of that money being spent on another treatment with you in the future.

The only materials you need are filtered water and some empty tincture bottles. Empty tincture bottles can be bought online for as little as 50p-60p or you could just recycle your empties. You can do this by soaking them in some warm soapy water for 20-30 minutes so you peal the labels off easily and then sterilise them using boiling water.


A few empty brandy bottles! If you love marketing you could even get labels printed up with your logo and website address to write your client’s name on (label size 5cmx4cm for 10ml bottles)

Of course I’m not suggesting you do this for every client, every time because your Bach Flower Remedy stock would start to dwindle but it could be something to consider next time someone (perhaps a particularly dedicated client or client in need of some TLC) needs several remedies and you fancy trying your hand at a bit of alchemy.

Definition of alchemy in English:
Pronunciation: /ˈalkɪmi
A seemingly magical process of transformation, creation, or combination: ‘finding the person who’s right for you requires a very subtle alchemy’