Create Space

Have you ever been for a natural health treatment and gone into sensory overload from the amount of stuff going on in the room?

Common mistakes include:

  • Clutter – too many irrelevant personal items on display
  • Smells – incense burning that may not be too your taste
  • Sounds -whale music or pan pipes may sound like a cliche but it does still happen

This is why we promote the benefits of having a neutral treatment room to our students who are setting up as Kinesiologists or integrating Kinesiology into their existing practice. Neutral sights, sounds and smells give your client’s mind the chance to switch off. Most people don’t understand that when we are bombarded with too much information through any of our senses, we can start to subconsciously feel stressed because we are worried we might miss something important.

Music is the space between the notes” – Claude Debussy

Kinesiology also (more often than not anyway) requires our clients to lie on a treatment bed, so most of their time is spent looking up at the ceiling. With this mind it could be worth lying on your treatment bed and checking out your client’s perspective from this angle. Are there cobwebs? Does the lampshade need a good dust or maybe even replacing? When was the last time you painted the ceiling?

Here’s the view from my treatment bed, as you can see the ceiling is white but I purposefully chose to make a feature of the lamp shade, you’ll notice though that is the ONLY focal point (no hanging crystals or dream catchers) … as neutrality really is so important.

Create space

As for smells because I keep a lot of pots of nutrition in my room which can produce odours I am always mindful about airing out … so regularly open the windows between clients. I also never play music of any kind during my treatments and make sure any noises outside of the room are kept to a minimum. Silence in itself can be incredibly healing.

I can’t stress enough that the more you can encourage your clients into ‘white space’ thinking the better, this doesn’t mean you can’t have any personality in your treatment room, but just pick one or two effects … and then create space so people feel comfortable to go inside their own thoughts and begin the healing process.

Whatever you leave empty, grace will fill – A Course in Miracles.