Transforming Fear #Brexit

If the past few weeks have taught us anything, it has taught us how easy it is to get ourselves whipped up into a frenzy … and that isn’t a judgement of you if you did feel the fear (or indeed are still feeling the fear) around #Brexit, because we are all capable of going into that response about all sorts of situations … it is part of the human condition and is also (when we are faced with real rather than perceived or presumed danger) a vital survival mechanism.

However it is important to remember that when we are stressed or panicked – there is one truth that is always present and that is that we believe we are in a situation that we are not in control of. When we believe (or are indeed programmed to think, perhaps even in the case of #Brexit) that we are in a situation we are not in control of … fear is created.

Fear is not a healthy place to spend too much time, because fear triggers many different chemical changes in the mind and body, it activates the nervous system and crucially drains blood from the frontal cortex. This is important because the frontal cortex is where we problem solve (as logic is not useful when we are responding to an immediate threat) and when we can’t think straight we are likely to go into even more fear … and so the cycle of fear continues and even builds as the diagram below illustrates.

Fear diagram

So how do you transform fear? Well in Kinesiology we teach a technique called ‘Emotional Stress Release’ which involves lightly holding and lifting (with the same pressure you would use to lift an eyelid) the frontal eminences on the forehead with the tips of two or three fingers on each hand while the subject thinks of the fear they are currently facing. This can be done to yourself by yourself or by yourself to another person and is an incredible way to release stress (as the name suggests) and also to transform fear.

Emotional Stress Release

The Science: When you make contact with this part of your forehead you are bringing blood back to the cortex and balancing the blood flow between the right and left hemispheres of the brain. When we do this clarity can return and the cycle of fear has a far better chance of being broken.

This simple and effective technique is one of many that we teach and workshop in much more detail on our Bristol-based Kinesiology courses. If you would like to find out more CLICK HERE NOW to find out more about a FREE taster event that is taking place in August this year.