Healing Tools

It’s hard to believe that we are now over half way through our first Practitioner Training in Bristol. Some of the subjects covered so far include advanced Kinesiology techniques, how to communicate at a deep level, how to market yourself, meridian tapping and so much more.

Our students have also been lucky enough this year to benefit from a range of classroom resources, or ‘healing tools’ as well, such as a selection of nutritional test kits from Nature’s Sunshine, Nutri and Cytoplan, Bach Flower Remedy tinctures and a few other free samples and information packs that can be seen below:

Healing Tools

Songbird sent samples of their fragrant pots of massage wax.

Healing Tooks

Sarah Williams from Soul Harmony sent test pots of Chakra Creams and Candles.

Healing Tools

Phi Energy Dots have sent information for many years about protection from electromagnetic radiation, it’s great to see some of the students wearing the protection on their phones and on their bodies already.

With all this in mind though, it is really important to point out here that although we do teach the testing of supplements, potions, lotions, dots and more … our training very much comes from a place of using those healing tools to support the individual through making the changes that need to be made to animate their own healing.

All healing tools require you to animate them – Caroline Myss

The philosophy of Essence Health Training to is to guide our students into deep thought and reflection so that they become Practitioners who not only use new thinking techniques and healing tools but who also use their own inner wisdom and healing potential with their clients.

If you’d like to find out more about our Practitioner Level training (just a few spaces left now) which starts again in September 2017 please CLICK HERE. To apply for this training you must have completed our Foundation Training Levels 1-6, to find out more about our Foundation training CLICK HERE.