Marketing Messages

‘The best marketing strategy ever is to care.’ –  Gary Vaynerchuk

Following an orientation weekend, an intensive four day workshop, hours of case study work, a clinic assessment session and ten in-depth modules all completed over a seven month period, our Practitioner level students are now preparing for their final exam in May. After they all pass they can open their clinic doors as fully qualified Kinesiologists and empower other people to look after their health and well-being in new and powerful ways.

However what good is all that time, energy and financial commitment spent with us if they are unable to get their messages out there and let people know about their treatments? Well during the training we have passed on some marketing messages to help them get started or in some cases get even better … Some of these insights included:

  • Getting the basics right first
  • The 7 points of contact
  • Keeping things simple
  • Logo design
  • Creating a USP
  • Creating valuable content (and ‘calls to action’)
  • New Media Vs Traditional Media
  • … and more

and one of our biggest pleasures as the course draws to a close is to see and hear how our students have run with these insights (actioning them along with information they had already acquired no doubt) and are now giving talks, networking at trade fairs, being interviewed for articles on the web, and unveiling their brands, logos and websites.

Below are just a few examples of some of our students marketing messages this year … which are already out there attracting new clients to the world of Kinesiology (in places such as Bristol, Cornwall, Wales and even in the case of Kinesiana … Spain)

Student Logos

Logos from students Jamie Linegar from The Shengko Clinic of Kinesiology, Ana Burrezo from Kinesiana, Sarah Langford from Sarah Langford Fitness and Emma Dando from E.Dando Holistics.

Well done to all the students featured above and to all the other students (soon to be fully qualified Kinesiologists) who getting their marketing messages out there as well including Paula Cuthburt, Yaz Hedzel, Jo Haynes, Catherine Strickland, Laura Howard, Zoe Henderson, Kat Stevens, Iain Collins, Helen Jones, Louisa Roscoe and Anna Hill.

Finally returning to the quote which opened this blog, not only are we sure that this years Practitioner students are confident and competent Kinesiologists who know how to get their marketing messages out there but we are also 100% certain that every single one of them has been exposed to what it means to work with integrity and care

… and when people work with integrity and care, the marketing often speaks for itself.

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