Breathing Space

Have you ever had an experience so profound that you needed to take half an hour out just to sit quietly on your own to process it? After one of my conscious breathing sessions with Alan Dolan at his practice in St Johns Wood, London, I had to find some breathing space (literally) to just be with myself, to calm down the buzzing inside my body and the tingling in my fingertips. I didn’t want to loose the power of the sensations by jumping on the tube without understanding (at some level anyway) what had just happened.

breathing space

So I ran through in minds eye my time with Alan … obviously there is a lot of deep breathing taking place but he also uses touch and words at appropriate times as well, which seemed to encourage all the cells in my mind and body into a simultaneous state of deep relaxation and heightened awareness. Having meditated by myself and with a few experienced teachers for many years I was used to the feeling but I was surprised at how quickly and effortlessly I accessed this state with Alan. I was also struck by the ease of how some of my stored and deeply buried memories gracefully surfaced and released during the process as well … they were so powerful at one point I remember tears streaming down my face but never once feeling overwhelmed or out of control.

I kept asking myself on that park bench, how could I have felt and transformed so much just from breathing?! It took a good 10-20 minutes for everything to settle and then I remembered Alan’s explanation that ‘Conscious breathing is a method of breathing that allows you to access your entire respiratory system or in other words 100% of your lung capacity so when you bring it online … physical, emotional and even spiritual shifts can occur.’ I also thought deeply about my understandings of trauma and how when our lives are under threat, we hold our breath and sometimes never fully utilise it again in the same way. So it did all start to become clear as I literally came to my senses.

Having said that there are still some aspects that I don’t understand logically but that’s okay, because the feeling I had with Alan speaks much louder than words. It was a feeling that made me want to share the experience with others, so similar to how I felt when I first discovered Kinesiology, which is why I have asked him to deliver a workshop for Essence in Bristol in June. Nearly all of the spaces were booked within 24 hours of advertising it so please do be quick if you want to join us, as there are very few places left now. (Click here for more details)

I am so excited about the workshop, and not just because I have some insights into what might happen but also because I will be part of some ‘group breathing’ this time. Powerful shifts occur both individually and collectively when like-minded people gather and I can only imagine what might take place when our minds and bodies are entrained through this powerful breathing technique as well.

One thing I do know though is I will definitely need to find a park bench for some breathing space afterwards again! If you have booked on I would suggest you schedule some ‘de-buzzing’ and processing time into your day as well.

Alan DolanAlan Dolan, founder of Breathing Space and breath coach, has spent over a decade changing people’s lives (not least his own) with the simple power of breathing.

Through training with the founder of the Transformational Breath® technique Dr Judith Kravitz, between 2004 and 2011 he reached the highest level of certification possible and continues to learn every day as he works with clients and groups around the world.

Alan’s passion is creating permanent positive change and as such he regularly facilitates his clients through having intense breakthroughs and peak experiences using the simple power of breath.