The Wonder of Waiting …

Jo and I recently attended a meditation retreat in Ireland, and one of the quotes the teacher gave to the group was ‘moments where you appear to be waiting are actually wonderful opportunities to practice.’

The Wonder of Waiting

The piece of paper that I wrote that quote on is lying on my desk today as we close the formal application process for our Practitioners Training this September (as the course is now fully booked) and open our waiting list application process. The waiting list’ is open for anyone who would like to join us should a place be declined or become available. Last year a few last minute changes had to be made as students experienced unavoidable changes in circumstance, so we are aware it could well happen again this time round.

However so often the reaction to news of waiting lists can be mixed. Some people may respond hopefully, grateful at the idea that there might still be a chance to join, while others perhaps become a little frustrated at the prospect of having to wait (and even then not knowing if the waiting will pay off!)

The thing I have realised relatively recently though is … that waiting is what you make it, it can be a tortuous experience as you count down the hours and minutes until the thing you want to happen, happens … but then what usually happens is the waiting starts again, just with another focus. So now I pay more attention to the feeling I have while I am waiting and that feeling usually gives me a lot more information about places where I am still stuck rather than the thing I am actually waiting for.

I’m pretty sure that is what our meditation teacher meant when she said ‘moments where you appear to be waiting are actually wonderful opportunities to practice.’ She didn’t just mean to practice meditation, or even to practice Kinesiology .. she meant to practice looking for and feeling your feelings – where so much information is just waiting to be accessed.

To find out more about how to join the waiting list for our Practitoner level training in 2017, CLICK HERE. Please note we are unable to add your name to the waiting list unless an application form has been submitted.