Student Success Story

We have had a lot of interest in our Practitioner Training course of late, especially as a last-minute place has just opened up … and as powerful as our Practitioner course is, this latest blog really highlights how much can be achieved with just Foundation level training. The techniques we teach on Level 1-6 are aimed at the lay person wanting to improve the health of themselves and their loved ones and as this example shows, even knowing the basics can bring about amazing results …

So the story starts during our last season of Foundation training when one of our students shared details of a case study she had done as part of her homework. The story involved a member of her family who was due to have a serious operation after being diagnosed with a kidney condition that according to the doctors needed treatment under the knife. This student however gave her family member a Kinesiology treatment a few days beforehand with the intention of sending her loved one into theatre in the best shape possible (and no doubt to complete her homework too) however when the operation came around the doctors opened this person up only to discover that the condition had completely disappeared causing the surgeon to abandon the procedure.

Well we’ve just heard back from the student in question with the results from her family members follow up scan … and the letter really does speak for itself.


Kinesiology Student Success

Now we can never be sure that Kinesiology was the reason the condition healed so effectively however this particular student taught the simple techniques she used in her case study to the family member’s partner who continued (and continues) to use them on this person every day so they are obviously sold on the benefits – and this is because so often with Kinesiology all we need is the experience (not evidence) of it reconnecting us with our bodies innate wisdom to be convinced of its healing power.

The other main motivation for sharing this student success story with you is to reiterate once again how life changing it can be for you and everyone around you to learn Kinesiology – even at Foundation level.

How might you be able to help the health of your loved ones by learning what some experts are calling ‘the medicine of the future.’? If you would like to find out more about our next season of Kinesiology Foundation Training CLICK HERE or call 01823 271375 and speak to Jo.