Connection and Presence

It’s been a very thought provoking few months for us, as during the summer we (myself and Jo) have been attending specific training courses focused on personal growth. We do this because it is so important for us to keep growing and expanding as we are constantly striving to keep our Kinesiology courses dynamic and we are always look to bring fresh insights to the syllabus from our own experiences.

The main insight we want to share from all our understandings this summer, on both our Foundation and Practitioner level courses, is how transformative it is when we bring connection and presence to whatever healing modality we are using – in our case of course Kinesiology. This insight ties in so well with the philosophy of Essence Health Training  too, which is all about accessing your inner wisdom. Our aim isn’t to teach you what to think, we want to teach you how to think. When we are connected and present that gets easier.

So what do we mean by bringing connection and presence to Kinesiology? Well we mean not just using techniques and testing without fully engaging first. For example when you take or test for a flower remedy, did you know that it can become even more powerful if you spend some time researching the plant it came from? Finding out what it looks like, perhaps even finding the plant in nature or bringing it into your house.

Impatiens with Impatiens

Impatiens with Impatiens

Another example might be performing the cross crawl exercise but instead of marching opposite arms and legs on the spot mindlessly, you connect to the process of re-calibrating the left and right hemisphere of the brain and all your body movements become slower, more deliberate and more purposeful … or simply holding MEI points for someone while tuning in to their energy and really holding space for them while they process what they need to process.

The greatest gift you can give is your undivided attention – Dorothy Sander

These examples are endless because it is probably true to say that every technique and muscle test we use in Kinesiology could reach a higher potential by bringing more connection and presence to it. However to be able to bring that to your treatment room does require a few qualities; it requires you:

  • to be present for yourself, we can’t give to others what we haven’t given ourselves
  • to release redundant patterns of behaviour that scatter your mind, body and spirit
  • to be neutral with your beliefs
  • to turn off (or at least turn down) the internal and external noise most of us experience on a daily basis
  • and to get our egos and personal or professional agendas out of the way.

I can honestly say that whenever I am running my own clinics or I am even demonstrating with a student in a class, the primary thought in my head is ‘what can I do right now to help this person’ and this thought alone brings me into presence and helps me to connect with them at a deep level.

Doing things fast, multi tasking and being on auto pilot is not the behaviour of a responsible Kinesiologist. Our job is to connect and to facilitate connection and that understanding (which I have been focused on this Summer and learn more about every day myself) is going to play an even more significant role in everything we teach on our next season of Foundation and Practitioner level training which starts this month.