Kinesiology Rituals

I have just read Austin’s latest blog about rituals and how to use them at Christmas to ease difficult situations that many people find themselves in at this time of year … and it made me realise how often I use rituals in my work as a Kinesiology practitioner and tutor.

>>Before continuing to read this blog, please CLICK HERE to read Austin’s blog for context.

Once again it is important to point out that although rituals are often associated with religious or spiritual ceremonies, anyone can utilise the power of them and in fact human beings are ritualistic by nature. For example do you have a Sunday morning coffee ritual and have you considered the idea that how you get dressed every morning or your bedtime routine is also a ritual of sorts? Anything you do over and over again is a ritual, it is how we honour that repeated action that determines its significance.


Spending time in nature on a weekly basis is a profound ritual for me especially at this time of year when light is at a premium.

There is nothing woo woo about rituals … they help us connect, help us feel safe and bring presence and connection to the things we do.

So after reading Austin’s blog I thought I’d share some of the rituals I use in my work which may inspire you to think more deeply about your ‘routines’ and may bring more healing to your treatment rooms.

Student Connection
I have noticed more and more lately that whenever I approach a demo now in a classroom environment, before I even start testing a muscle or asking a question I will take a moment of silence just to connect with the person who has volunteered. It is incredibly powerful and to my surprise I am starting to notice the students showing the same respect to their partners during work-shopping and as a result the atmosphere in the room is one of deep respect and mindfulness.

Creating Space
From the new year I will be making more space between the clients I see in my clinic so that I can shift my attention to the person I am seeing a little bit before their session and a little bit after their session (even when they aren’t with me.) I often ritualistically open windows and run my hands under cold water in between sessions and that will continue as well to ensure both myself and the space remains as neutral as possible for the clients I see.

Walking in Nature
This is a ritual I obviously do away from the clinic and classroom (see pic above) but the benefits certainly return to my work as well as my personal life. A long held ritual of mine that I do daily is a walk outside, and if possible at least once a week I will retreat to wooded areas with the dog to recharge. There is something about looking up at the canopy of the trees and imagining how far down their roots stretch beneath my feet that reminds me to stay connected and to stay grounded.

We are starting to understand more and more now that whatever your healing modality is – in my case Kinesiology – the effectiveness of the treatment directly correlates with how connected we are to ourselves, how connected we are to our clients and how deeply the client connects with themselves.

Rituals connect which is why I feel their is most certainly a place for them in our work.