Kinesiology Taster – 10 Reasons to Join

Are you looking to change career, be your own boss, learn healing technqiues for yourself or your family … do you keep hearing other people say that their life has been changed by Kinesiology and you just find yourself thinking ‘Kin-easy-whaaaatt?’ …. Well we offer regular Kinesiology Taster Evenings for anyone who is curious about training in Kinesiology but is not quite ready to commit. These informal taster sessions are fun and relaxed and will give you a good overview of the principles and techniques that you will learn on levels 1 – 6.

Here are our Top 10 Reasons why you should join us …

  1. Find out what Kinesiology is and why some experts are calling it the ‘medicine of the future.’

  2. New to muscle testing? This could be your chance to experience Kinesiology first hand.

  3. Meet like-minded people.

  4. Find out more about our Bristol-based Foundation training where you could learn new thinking ways to care for your health and the health of your loved ones. You can also add Kinesiology to your existing skill set if you are already a health practitioner.

  5. Meet our experienced tutor Dawn Bailey who has been teaching Kinesiology for over a decade and a natural health care practitioner since 1995.

  6. Gain beginners insights into how to to test for food intolerance’s or much needed nutritional support … without the guesswork.

  7. Discover and witness the effect our emotional health has on our physical body.

  8. Ask questions face to face, rather than trying to find answers online.

  9. Reconnect with who you really are, so much of what you will discover on this taster event will light up the part of you that has always longed for more answers. This is why our school is called Essence, our aim is to stimulate your inner wisdom.

  10. Receive a discount on your training. If you attend the taster event and then book on the Foundation Training within 7 days, you will get your £25 refunded and a further £50 discount.

Click HERE to find out more about our next Kinesiology Taster Evening or call Dawn to book on 07968 202252

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