The Meaning of Colds

I’m seeing a lot of students on our training courses,  friends, family and clients with extremely heavy colds at the moment and nearly every day someone asks me ‘what does it mean when you catch a cold?’

When people become familiar with Kinesiology, the curiosity to look at the meaning of an illness becomes bigger and bigger. This is because methods of natural healthcare teach us that our mind and body is always trying to communicate with us and there is always an emotional component when we experience illness or dis-ease.

So I often think of a cold as a cleansing … A time to release a lot of stuff (including mucus) to make way for the new which may be why colds are more prevalent in Winter/Spring (because these times of year are all about release/cleansing.)


(Above) An appropriately foggy picture (because that is how I felt) taken in Spring 2015 – when I last had a heavy cold.

However other schools of thought include the idea that colds begin when we loose connection to our higher thoughts and thoughts of self attack, self doubt and fear move in. Subconscious feelings of ‘I’m not good enough,’ why did I say/do that?’ ‘I feel alone,’ ‘I really messed up,’ ‘I can’t do this,’ etc can open the door for a cold. Remember these thoughts can be deeply subconscious which means you may not even be aware that you are having them, but they are powerfully at work (on auto-pilot) in the 50 trillion plus cells of your mind/body.

A cold’s purpose then is to make itself at home so that we move ourselves back into a position of kindness and gentleness with ourselves. Which is why people often want comfort when they are suffering. Warm drinks, blankets, easy to digest food … So the more love you can give yourself or be given unconditionally by others when you have a cold, the quicker you will recover. [Written with great humility] I used to catch colds 3 or 4 times a year but the last one I had was in Spring 2015 … and I put that ‘strengthened immunity’ down to regular Kinesiology balances (every 4-6 weeks.) A product called Silver Shield which you can read more about HERE and a trick with ear drops you can watch in the video below. (I use ear drops called OTEX for this) but also and probably most importantly constantly doing my own inner work with techniques such as Meridian Tapping to release redundant beliefs. Yes the Silver Shield and Otex Ear Drops are a great support but they are never and will never be THE answer.

I’m very aware that I may be tempting fate by stating the date of my last cold especially as I am surrounded by them at the moment and barely a day goes by when I’m not coughed on (in fact my throat is catching a bit today)  … However if I do catch one I will as I always do, go within and do my best to gratefully absorb everything it is teaching me to let go of.

In fact the new thinking way of approaching all illness according to Author and Doctor Christine Page (who recently recovered from breast cancer) is to constantly ask ‘what is my mind/body trying to communicate to me? Dis-ease (I broke the word up on purpose) always, always, always has an empowering message – if we are astute enough to listen.