Feeling No Fear

Franklin Roosevelt said that the only thing we have to fear is fear itself  … and with that in mind we wanted to share this video of a doctor giving an infant an injection in a way where the baby and crucially the parents stay completely and utterly calm and happy.

Now this isn’t a post about the pros and cons of vaccines, but it is a post about how we can help to create a non fearful atmosphere around what some may perceive to be fearful situations.

The doctor in this video is gradually exposing the baby to the needle with gentle touch, he is singing and making funny sounds to reassure the baby that she isn’t in a dangerous place and using his face and the bubble blower at the end to stimulate her visually to feel safe. The parents are also nearby and holding her, laughing and chatting. All of these factors and the energy (the feeling) the people in the room are creating are helping the neurons in the baby’s body to learn something which scientists are now calling Neurosense.

Neurosence is a way for us to subconsciously learn how to survive in our environment from our experiences. For Neurosense to be healthy, we need to learn accurately from the people around us what is safe and what isn’t. For example if we are surrounded by people who have learnt fear rather than danger, our Neurosense could be off. Interestingly some experts believe that Neurosense can be past down from previous generations. 

So again what ever your feelings about the rights and wrongs of vaccines, when all the facts have been taken into account by the parents or the individual involved and the decision is taken to have them … I’m sure you would agree that the energy we create around what could be a very fearful situation is KEY. Perhaps even being in a non-fearful state allows us to better process the compounds that enter our bloodstreams?

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