Love is a Healing Energy


When we connect with a feeling of love it allows us to raise harmonious frequencies in our bodies. The heart is 100,000 times stronger electrically than the brain, so opening our heart to feelings of love, gratitude and compassion, helps us to transform the heavy energies that disrupt our emotional and physical health.

In my 20 years of experience, I have found that most ongoing physical conditions have an emotional component, sometimes so deeply hidden in our subconscious that we are unaware how it may be impacting our wellbeing.

When we begin to explore our patterns of behaviour and emotional responses and meet those feelings, as they are, undefended, from a place of love, it is impossible for anything to remain exactly as it is.

On our workshops we learn to utilise these powerful vibrations to dissolve resistance in both the outer and internal energy fields of the body to allow healing.

This is not something that can only be achieved in a treatment session. Whatever you take your focus to, whether it is physical pain or heavy emotions of fear, anger or shame for example, and allow yourself to meet these disruptions with acceptance in that moment with love, you will often find they begin to soften and dissolve and pain begins to ease.