A Beautiful Moment

As I was walking my dog around the docks in Bristol yesterday, I had been reflecting on a recent discussion with students about the stories we tell ourselves and the redundant beliefs that impact our daily lives. My thoughts took me to some of the challenges I had encountered in  my own life based on old beliefs, and how we not only have an opportunity to grow from those experiences but how important it has been to trust the bigger picture and the great mystery that even in difficult times there is something guiding and holding us.

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As I was walking home processing these thoughts, a lady approached me looking unsettled and tense, asking me the way to a bar that is located on the docks. I started to give directions on the main street then decided to show her a short cut down to the water. As we were walking, I asked if she was meeting someone there as I knew that the bar would not be open this early. She welled up and said “my son had a tragic accident 4 weeks ago and died. He used to work at the bar and I’m going to pick up his wages as he would have wanted me to, but I can’t bear to even go inside knowing that a month ago he would have been there”

I listened to her express herself with pain in her eyes and expressed compassion for her pain and loss. We continued to walk and talk for 5 minutes or so until we arrived at the bar. When we stopped, she took my hand in both of hers and looked me in the eyes and asked my name, then said “you were meant to be on my path today and I know this might sound strange but I don’t believe it is a coincidence that I asked you the way. It is a reminder that I need to trust that there is something bigger looking after me”.

We both welled up and had a hug and said goodbye. My heart was bursting with love and gratitude to have shared that moment.

I am still amazed by the synchronicity and clarity of that reminder, that through the most painful challenges we are always being held.