My Journey So Far… by Layla Auer

My Journey So Far

Jetlagged and over-heating in a warm Mexican summer, my soul mate and I caught up over breakfast. I had not seen her in a while so I bathed in her stories and drew energy from her enthusiasm. Listening intently, she told me how fate had introduced her to a French kinesiologist who was helping her and her daughters through layers of life that needed unfurling. I had heard of kinesiology before but it was a modality that I knew very little about. Before I knew it, I’d agreed to see the kinesiologist later that day.

Over the next two weeks I had several treatments, all tenderly transformative and deeply insightful spurning a reconfiguration of my relationship with self, others and the Universe. At the same time, what was dawning on me was the answer to a question that had been burning inside me for many years: what is my purpose? I’ve had the fortune of experiencing many mediums of healing, each one contributing to my journey in some way. Yet something about kinesiology spoke so clearly to me and a calm warmth filled my soul, knowing that I was about to embark upon the next phase of my life.

Returning to England, I started researching what school of kinesiology I was drawn to, hoping that the perfect course would present itself in Bristol. As providence would have it, I found Essence Health Training who was offering courses in Systematic Kinesiology. On the eve of a taster session, I met Dawn, one of the school’s founders and a kinesiology practitioner and teacher with an impressive wealth of experience. Within a few minutes of meeting her and immersing myself in her humility, confidence and insight I needed very little convincing and signed up for the six-month foundation course starting later that year.

The foundation course, held in Yanley Court in the verdant outskirts of Bristol, was metamorphic. Each month, our class of around ten gathered eagerly with questions that had arisen from our case studies and thought-provoking home study that was set each month. Curiosity, compassion, empathy and respect for everyone on the course were nourished each weekend by Dawn and her co-teachers. Everyone’s voice was valued, each learning style and communication technique was respected so that whilst exploring the potential root causes of seemingly entrenched imbalances that triggered all of us in some way or another due to their universality, I felt held. We all felt held.

Studying kinesiology thus became more than learning about how to facilitate other people’s healing as the course simultaneously prompted a deep energetic, physical, emotional and chemical unearthing of my own blockages that had been holding such a strong grip on me. The explicit links between emotional and physical well-being are made poignantly clear through kinesiology and explored with great sensitivity and philosophical and spiritual insight with Essence Health Training. Each weekend it was like holding a mirror to your own soul whilst you learn how to listen to the wisdom of the body through practising kinesiology’s techniques of non-evasive muscle testing.

Kinesiology Training in Bristol

Motivations for studying kinesiology really varied amongst my fellow peers: some were keen to become practitioners, like myself; some wanted to work with animals and some were intrigued as kinesiology had helped them so profoundly in their own healing yet they did not plan to pursue a career after the course. Whatever the reason, we all grew together in those six months. Since then I have set up a business – Healthy Balance – studied Anatomy and Physiology and am currently doing the practitioner course with Essence Health Training. I have experienced seismic shifts within, have formed new friendships and am aligned with my life’s purpose and for all of this, I am eternally grateful. If there is a twinkle of intrigue, a kindling of curiosity trust your intuition and go for it.