About Dawn Bailey

Dawn’s journey into Kinesiology and energy healing started over 20 years ago after attending a Foundation Course to understand and resolve a variety of health concerns that seemed unrelated at the time. Within a few months her health changed dramatically and she was amazed at how much can be achieved when we connect holistically to the wisdom of the body.  Dawn went on to complete The Practitioner and Diploma Courses and train as a teacher of Kinesiology.

After her mum was diagnosed with cancer, it sparked a strong desire to understand the deeper emotions that disrupt our ability to heal. This lead to further training in Meridian Tapping and language structures to help release subconscious patterns and a few years later she co-authored a book with Austin Wyse called ‘Without The Woo Woo‘.

Dawn has taught Kinesiology at Foundation and Practitioner levels for over 15 years and continues to deepen her knowledge of energy medicine to give the students the opportunity to enhance their own emotional and physical health as well as their clients.

‘I believe that together Kinesiology and energy healing can allow the body to communicate what it needs to release or dissolve to bring it back into harmony.’