Kinesiology Training – Foundation

Our foundation Kinesiology training is perfect for people who want to use Kinesiology for themselves and their friends and family.

Plus, once you have completed the 6 level foundation course,  if you are already qualified in another field of health care you can add Kinesiology to your current skill set, become insured and charge for your services.

These foundation levels are also a prerequisite for any student from any background advancing to practitioner Kinesiology training or wish to attend the Advanced Kinesiology workshops.

Intensive Foundation Courses (8 days held over 6 weeks approx) are also available year round in Bristol. Please email if you are interested to find out more(, or call on 07968 202252 to discuss.


Spring/Summer 2025 training dates

  • Level 1:  01/02 March 2025
  • Level 2:  22/23 March 2025
  • Level 3:  12/13 April 2025
  • Level 4:  10/11 May 2025
  • Level 5:  31 May/01 June 2025
  • Level 6:  21/22 June 2025

Here you can see a summary of some of the techniques you will be learning on the course levels.

An introduction to Kinesiology
How to muscle test with accuracy and how to use muscle testing as a language
The ‘Whole Person’ approach
The Cross-Crawl Exercise for co-ordination, brain power and memory
The Emotional Stress Release(E.S.R)Technique
Muscle testing of eight muscles
The importance of water and why staying hydrated is so important Diaphragmatic breathing for more energy
An introduction to meridians, food testing and nutritional supplement
Pulse Synchronisation
Eight new muscles
How to improve your muscle testing technique for greater accuracy and consistency
Hypertonic muscles
How to relieve stress with adrenal support
Food Testing in detail
Figure of 8 energies
How to dispel many fears and phobias
How to balance energy through all meridians (The Wheel Balance)
How to use muscle testing to work on raising self-esteem
How to use muscle testing to make affirmations work better and faster
Six new muscle tests
Pain dispersal with E.S.R to relieve pain naturally
How to make lasting corrections with priority finger mode testing
How to read excess energy with wrist pulses
How to deal with hypertonic muscles
The 7 Factors of the IVF
The Emotional Tissue Memory Scanning Technique
The Breast Congestion Technique
Bilateral weak muscles and related structural problems
Surrogate Testing
How to muscle test using a technique called ‘contact locating’
More Cross Crawl insights
The protein test
The mineral test
How to use ‘pause lock’ when muscle testing
Techniques to improve hearing, vision and learning
More finger modes for efficient muscle testing
Wrist muscle balance and Repetitive Strain Injury Shoulder muscle tests
How to ground and calm using cloacal reflexes (first energies to form at conception)
Ankle, Achilles heel/ tendon balance
Tests to boost the immune system
An introduction to the ICV (Ileo Caecal Valve)
The benefits of digestive aids
Tests for knee problems
Tests for lung balance
New large intestine muscle test for lower back and bowel issues
New bladder muscle tests for bladder infections, cystitis, frequent urination, weak bladder, waking in night to urinate, stress incontinence, interruption of flow, small amounts of urine.

PAYMENT INFORMATION: £1295 payable by 1 x £395 non refundable deposit (due with your booking) followed by balancing payments of 6 x £150 ( due at the start of every level). All prices are inclusive of Kinesiology Manual, Comprehensive Nutritional Test Kits, Body Magnet and Refreshments.

Essence Health Training is no longer working with PayPal. If you would like to book on any of our courses, please send an email to with your name and contact number and the course you would like to attend. We will send you the Essence Health Training bank details and your confirmation letter will follow the receipt of your deposit.