New Earth Kinesa

Kinesa is a spiritual live energy that moves through us and requires personal integrity and understanding to fully activate and optimise the higher frequencies. It allows us to shift stagnant energies and peel back old beliefs and programming, unlimiting your mind, your body, your spirit and emotions. When one does that service within themselves, it is a service to the soul of others.

New Earth Kinesa syllabus is available to qualified Kinesiology Practitioners.

Alongside the enormous benefits of opening into deeper levels of self-awareness and self-healing, it also provides the transformational pathways to care for the evolving new human psyche, consciousness and body.

New Earth Kinesa syllabus is divided into 3 levels in the following order:

Kinesa Touch: Everything starts in our energy field. Kinesa touch cultivates the source of your energy flow to read and harmonise subtle imbalances in the outer energy layers and unify the being to optimal frequency for mental, emotional and physical wellbeing.

Kinesa Deep: Finding a new depth of love and integrity to yourself that opens an authentic channel and allows others to feel with you. As we take a deep dive into our inner child and shadows, we move stagnant energy which allows clarity and new perspectives. We will explore valuable soul coaching techniques, inner archetypes, build presence as a Practitioner, learn new ways of dealing with trauma.

Kinesa Sub: Learn how to remove anything that separates us from the life force energy. We will explore how to work in correct relationship with a pendulum for healing, incorporate your pendulum with Kinesiology for distant healing, how to use deep listening and soul coaching in a sacred space, clear ancestral maladies and utilise the unlimited nature of Kinesa for personal, planetary and global work.

Whilst you do not have to complete all three, each level is a pre-requisite before moving on to the deeper work of the next level.


Kinesa Touch: £111  One day course held in person 10am-5.30pm

Kinesa Deep: £555 Six weekly online zoom sessions from 6.30-9pm. £222 for a 2 day weekend in person, to practice skills and drop deeper.

Kinesa Sub: 3 weekends in total, held in person 10am-5pm. Price to be advised from sacred healer and pendulum maker, after Kinesa Touch and Deep are completed.
Includes a separate in person treatment, and a lemurian crystal hand-made pendulum charged with your personal kinesa which is derived through New Earth numerology by a sacred healer. Plus bonus 3 x one hour recordings from Aurora’s Feminine Wisdom journey.

For Kinesa dates please go to Aurora Feminine Wisdom website.