Kinesiology Training – Practitioner 2016/2017

Please note the 2016/2017 Practitioner Kinesiology training is now in progress, however this information will remain online as an information resource for our 2016/2017 students. Details about next years course can be found under the Training tab in the main menu.
Our Practitioner Course allows you to become a fully qualified Kinesiologist, it also consolidates and builds on your knowledge from Foundation Levels 1-6.

Not only will you learn advanced techniques to enable you to feel confident with your clients,  we will train you to be a thorough, all-round health professional in every way.

The Course is made up of:

  • An orientation weekend
  • An intensive 4 day workshop
  • 10 modules
  • Case work (with a number written up and submitted for marking)
  • The practitioner exam

Here you can see the dates for our 2016/2017 Practitioner Kinesiology training  – FULLY BOOKED

Orientation Saturday 17th & Sunday 18th September 2016
Intensive (4 day) W/S Monday 17th – Thursday 20th October (inclusive) 2016
Module 1&2 Saturday 19th & Sunday 20th November 2016
Module 3&4 Monday 12th & Tuesday 13th December 2016
Module 5&6 Saturday 14th & Sunday 15th January 2017
Module 7&8 Monday 13th & Tuesday 14th February 2017
Module 9&10 Saturday 11th and Sunday 12th March 2017
Practitioner Exam Saturday 13th May 2017
ASK Day Saturday 3rd and/or Sunday 4th June 2017

Here you can find out more detail about what you will be learning at every stage:


Meet your fellow students for the first time and get to know each other. We help you set your goals for the course and review muscle tests for specific problem areas, providing you with consolidation and confidence with your treatments. We’ll also introduce you to some new skills including the 3 step ESR programme which incorporates the ‘eye release’, ‘temporal tap’ & ‘fundamental conflict’ techniques.

Intensive Workshop (4 Day)

Our 4 day intensive workshop will help make the Foundation course fall into place. We give you communication training and focus on your personal development. Plus you’ll learn counselling and presentation skills and you’ll receive entrepreneurial guidance so you feel confident about building and maintaining a successful practice. There are also many new techniques and lots of hands on practical time to cement everything you have learnt so far. We incorporate daily wheel balancing sessions –  giving you the chance to get good at what you know! Great week, great information, great safe environment and great fun!

Module 1&2

Modules 1 & 2: Food Testing, Digestion, ICV & Houston Valve
Module 1 – Food Sensitivities and Allergies. Most reliable method of assessment. With this module under your belt you will be confident in finding food sensitivities and giving dietary advice to help get people back to vibrant health.
Module 2 – The Ileo-Caecal Valve (ICV) Syndrome. The Ileo-Caecal valve and the Houston valve play a huge part in lowering general health when malfunctioning. You will learn how to detect and fix the answer to many people’s health problems. Learn about the ICV syndrome, which can solve many unexplained aches and pains as well as chronic Tired All The Time or T.A.T.T & I.B.S symptoms.

Module 3&4

Modules 3 & 4: The Immune & Endocrine Systems
Module 3 – The Immune System – Long term health by defeating free radicals. When you know how to address, build and boost the Immune System (everyone’s have different requirements) people’s feelings of “being run down”, “tired all the time”, “feeling below par”, etc will ebb away.
Module 4 – The Endocrine System – key to health and solving chronic ill-health. This module covers the basis of most illness. The Endocrine system is “the core” of one’s health and how the body is able to run itself. You will learn how to assess and restore this vital system which gets people well.

Module 5&6

Modules 5 & 6: Emotions & Energy
Module 5 – Resolve fears, anxieties and traumas and build self-esteem. This emotional module will equip you to help others (and yourself) resolve past and present blockages. Emotions are often ignored or buried which can be just as harmful/ congesting as eating ‘junk food’. Learn how to ‘release’ negative past, present and future emotions as well as unwanted habits and ‘re-program’ the mind and body at a conscious and unconscious level.
Module 6 – Electro-Magnetics, Aura, Chakras – the body’s “electrics”. This module is a real energy wow! Learn how important and real our energies are – how they are affected and ways to bring them back into a harmonious state of balance. Learn how to keep grounded and centered.

Module 7&8

Modules 7 & 8 – Structural
Module 7 – Temporo-Mandibular Joint (TMJ) and Structure. The Temporo-Mandibular Joint (T.M.J.) is responsible for many imbalances around the body. We look into and learn how this can affect people detrimentally. This structural technique will enable you to change the way people feel instantly. Ligament interlink, this technique will change a lot of inexplicable pain in shoulders, elbows, wrists and also hips, knees ankles.
Module 8 – Dural Torque for allergies and structural torsions. This technique addresses the dura around the spine which is responsible for many structural malfunctions and also is involved with allergies/hayfever.

Module 9&10

Modules 9 & 10 – Consolidation, practice and mock exam
Module 9 – Emergency modes- very helpful for knowing where to start with all you know. Added information to help further with candida, insomnia, addictions, eye health, structural distortions and lower back pain. Cranial technique for headaches, behavioural issues and stress.
Module 10 – Clinic Practice Demo, Review and Mock Test. Tutors demonstration clinic practice to the group, review of course and mock exam for your revision.

Practioner Exam (and optional First Aid Training)

A two and a half hour written exam paper for Professional Registered Certification is taken between 10 a.m. – 12.30 p.m in this final part of our training.

In addition a First Aid course  (costing an extra £50.00 per person) will also be scheduled in the afternoon for any student who needs to attend or would simply appreciate a ‘refresher.’ Please note that First Aid certification is a mandatory requirement for all students training at Practitioner level.

A.S.K Day

A.S.K is a charity, raising the awareness of Systematic Kinesiology and the great value it has in preventative health care, for reducing pain and stress and for improving mental and physical health and well-being.

A.S.K is also the accrediting body for courses, schools and tutors.

In order to complete the Practitioner level training, students are required to attend the A.S.K day which is scheduled within a few months of the written exam. The A.S.K day is a chance to meet fellow students and attend inspirational seminars delivered by health and well-being experts.

Here you can see other key aspects of our Practitioner training which are important to be aware of before booking your place.

  • Foundation Training: You are required to have completed the Balanced Health Foundation Course Levels 1 to 6 which includes 60 class hours and completed homework handed in within six months from Level 6.
  • Anatomy and Physiology: Students need to qualify in Anatomy & Physiology (A & P) to V.T.C.T. or ITEC Diploma or other equivalent level of training. This may be completed before the Practitioners course or after, we do not suggest during due to overload. However this must be completed before the Certificate is issued. If you choose to take the A&P course after the Practitioners course you have 6 months from the exam date to complete the A&P course. Please visit our Resources page for information about an A&P online course that we recommend.
  • Professional Work & Case Studies: Over the period of the Practitioner training, students are required to be insured, be associate members of A.S.K. and to see an average of two clients per week who are charged an expense fee. Students are required to complete and submit case studies for clients seen professionally and send in 4 per month for assessment.
  • Clinic Assessment: A clinic practice session is scheduled as part of the Practitioner training, during which the student treats their own client with an approved practitioner assessing the session at a venue and time/date to be decided by the assessor/student. The session is 1½ hours and the assessors fee is included in the price of the course. If the session is not satisfactory then a second clinic practice will be set at an additional cost.
  • Practitioner Training FAQs: Click here for a list of FAQs

Here you can see the cost of our Kinesiology Practitioner Level Training.

PAYMENT INFORMATION: £2995 payable in full (inclusive of a £545 non-refundable deposit) OR by 1 x £545 non-refundable deposit (due with your booking) followed by 7 monthly installments of £350 due on 1st September 2016 through to 1st March 2017