Wyse Meridian Tapping

Wyse Meridian Tapping is a weekend workshop where Austin Wyse not only teaches the basics of the tapping process, but he also shares deep and profound insights about the subconscious, how we function emotionally and the new science of trauma over the two day event as well. Watching the online workshop before attending this event is highly recommended.

Meridian Tapping


Some of the key areas covered in this workshop include:

  • The Basics of Tapping (including the 9 Gammut)
  • How to Construct Powerful Tapping Statements
  • Observing Language Patterns
  • Tapping for Trauma & The Freeze Response
  • How to Spot Dissociation
  • Prefrontal Cortex Tapping
  • The Confusion Technique
  • Eye Accessing Cues
More Information

Venue, Dates & Cost

New dates and venue for this workshop will be announced soon.

The cost of the workshop is £295 per person.

(If you have attended this workshop before, you can book your place at a reduced fee, please contact us for more information.)

About Austin

Austin Wyse is a self development author who specialises in the power of the subconscious. As a former electronic engineer for EMI he understands the importance of reason and logic, however having studied hypnotherapy and various forms of energy medicine including Meridian Tapping Techniques he also knows the value of an open mind. He hosts his own radio show for EFT radio (based in California) and has a passion for helping people learn how to communicate with themselves and with others in an empowering and healing way.

Important Notes

This workshop IS suitable (and recommended) for Practitioners who have sat the one day tapping workshop as part of their training. Although the basics of tapping are recapped, much more in-depth detail on subjects such as language patterns and tapping with trauma are covered over the two days.

No qualification or certification is offered with this workshop. However Wyse Meridian Tapping does qualify for CPD hours with The Association of Systematic Kinesiology.