Your body constantly expresses, are you listening?

We spend so much of our lives communicating with others, listening to problems and concerns of our work colleagues, clients, friends and family and doing our best to support them, it’s easy to forget the most important things in anyone’s life: our own bodies.

Our bodies talk to us all the time, but we rarely pause to listen to them properly. They respond to every feeling, whether it is love, gratitude and joy or anger, guilt and fear. Every emotion is important and is guiding us, even though many of us are brought up to keep our emotions under control and suppress our feelings. For example, we may have seen anger expressed inappropriately and in response try to avoid conflict at all costs, never allowing those feelings to be processed, or we may have been told it is wrong to express anger. We may have learnt from our care givers patterns of behaviour and limiting beliefs that are not serving us, all adding to the disruption in our energy field. If we do not allow ourselves to really connect with any challenging feelings, exactly as they are, undefended, they often manifest in health concerns.

We often eat foods which we have a sense are not great for us, or we may not take enough rest, but we override those feelings and continue with the same patterns that eventually deplete us.

So often we fail to make the connection with our emotions and our lifestyle choices when addressing a skin complaint, ongoing joint problems, disruptions in our hormones or digestive systems, yet when we test the body in Kinesiology it is rare not to find a significant emotion or pattern involved. Most diseases and chronic health concerns have common emotional patterns at the root of the problem. As we listen to our bodies in a new way, we could become curious as to what we may need to change – what is it that is no longer serving us? We often work hard to distract from or avoid those uncomfortable feelings, yet with help, when we gently explore them with kindness and without judgement, exactly as they are, they often begin to dissolve and we learn something powerful to help us grow stronger.

Kinesiology not only gives us powerful tools to communicate with the body, but also we have an opportunity to empower our clients to begin to listen to themselves in a new way to enable emotional and physical wellbeing.