About Pauline Part

My first Systematic Kinesiology treatment left me feeling so fantastic, I was curious to know more and eventually became hooked. I was amazed at everything that could be detected using muscle testing, from emotional to nutritional needs and beyond! It was not a language I had been familiar with. After 6 months of Kinesiology treatments with Dawn, I hardly recognised myself and was amazed at how powerful this holistic approach to emotional and physical health is and wanted to learn more. 

I am now a fully trained Kinesiology Therapist at Practitioner and Diploma level with The Academy of Systematic Kinesiology (TASK) and in 2017, I was invited to co-teach Kinesiology with Dawn Bailey at the Essence Health Training School in Bristol.

I have a busy Kinesiology practice in Marshfield near Bath and alongside Kinesiology, I use mindfulness and other tools to help my clients bring greater clarity on how to navigate themselves within this busy world.

pauline part