About The Venue

Yanley Court

Our Kinesiology training courses and most of our other workshops and classes have been run for many years from a venue called Yanley Court near Bristol. Sadly, due to all the pressures over the past few years including lockdowns, this venue has had to close so we are using a variety of new venues according to the sizes of the classes and workshops.

Kinesiology Class

Kinesiology Training with Dawn 

Our aim is to make sure that every person who attends our Kinesiology training courses and other workshops and classes feels:

• Comfortable
We ensure that the learning environment is relaxed and professional and regular breaks are held.
• Safe and secure
We ensure that the information we share is always delivered in a non-critical and non-judgmental way.
• Stress-free
As stress inhibits learning we aim to make our training fun and friendly as well as hugely informative.
• Empowered
Our ultimate aim is that each individual feels empowered and uplifted by easy to understand and apply information.