Anatomy Physiology & Pathology (Online Course)

This online Anatomy Physiology & Pathology course offered by Essential Training Solutions is perfect if you are looking for an indepth A&P programme to study as part of your Practitioner training with Essence or you just want to study for your own personal development.


Some of the key features include:

  • Just one fee – EVERYTHING you need provided, including a guarantee
  • Accredited qualification (Accreditation Number 600/4845/1, Unit R/503/7640)
  • Fully supported
  • Final assessment of just 2 papers of multiple choice questions with a 70% pass mark
  • Choice of assessment location – even your own home!
  • Two professional study manuals and CD included – you need buy nothing more!
  • Free licence to the Health and Safety Resource, tailored to therapists to help and protect you in the workplace
  • Free access to the ETS Resource Centre with links to videos, animation, and other resources to further support your study if you choose, without slowing you down
  • Interactive tutorials and online assessments mean you can study completely from home
  • Immediate online marking of assessments so no written assignments to be posted
  • Until the certification end date to complete – so, unlike many courses, there are no extra charges for not completing within a year.
(including VAT)

More Information

If you are beginning a career in complementary healthcare, or simply need an accredited qualification in this subject, this is the course for you. The VTCT Level 3 Certificate in Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology for Complementary Therapies contains one of the 4 units that make up the Level 3 Diplomas in therapy qualifications on the RRQ (Register of Regulated Qualifications). You can study at home (UK and International) and achieve a professionally recognised certificate that will give you 13 credits.

Essential Training Solutions are an approved VTCT centre and experienced online learning specialists and so you are in good hands! Online learning is an excellent way to study should you be unable to travel regularly to college, have to fit studying around life, need to qualify quickly or simply want to take your time and enjoy the journey without the pressure of imposed timetables.

The online VTCT Level 3 Certificate in Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology allows you to study at home, at your own pace, using the time that suits you. You can enrol on any day and the final assessments, if you select to attend ETS’s Assessment Centre, are held every 8 weeks. If you cannot attend at the Assessment Centre it can be arranged for you to take your final assessment at your chosen location via a webcam. You therefore have complete flexibility and control. ETS provide all the resources you need, including a CD ROM and two Study Manuals, and so you do not need to purchase anything else.

ETS’s easy-to-use online course coupled with their unrivalled support enables you to achieve your professionally recognised certificate in the way that best suits you, so you can then confidently continue with your career, safe in the knowledge that your thorough understanding of anatomy, physiology and pathology will stand you in good stead. This qualification is issued by a government approved awarding organisation, and so this accredited qualification will be recognised by the leading insurance companies.

Why take an Online Course in Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology?

Anatomy, physiology and pathology is perfectly suited to online delivery. Because anatomy, physiology and pathology is purely theoretical and requires no hands-on or face-to-face interaction, the whole of the subject can be presented and assessed online. You are not left unsupported – you have unlimited contact with an e-tutor who is there to help, guide and encourage to ensure you reach your individual goals. You also have access to online blogs to communicate with other students.

Home Study

Our online VTCT Level 3 Certificate in Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology requires no classroom attendance. The full interactive tutorial is delivered online, in the comfort of your own home. You can self-study at your own pace and fit your study time around your personal commitments. You do not have to wait for the beginning of the next academic year to start – you can enrol at any time.

Online Delivery

The body systems and the associated pathology covered in the online Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology course can be taken in any order. You can choose the order in which you take them to tailor your study to your own needs. Throughout the anatomy & physiology tutorial you are presented with questions to test your understanding as you progress. The pathology tutorial suggests sites to encourage you to research and provides comprehensive downloads with the “need to know” information about the medical conditions covered. When you have taken a section of either tutorial you can move on to the online assessments.

Online Assessment

Many distance learning courses involve posting assignments to your tutor and then waiting for them to be marked and then returned. This is not the case for the online anatomy, physiology and pathology course. All assessments are taken online and marked immediately. You can therefore progress faster and without any inconvenience. Once you have demonstrated your understanding by passing these online assessments you can take the Final Assessment.

Final Assessment

This is the only part of the course that must be invigilated. You are encouraged to attend ETS’s Assessment Centre near Northampton. You will be asked to bring photo ID and you will sit a final invigilated assessment. This contains 2 papers each containing multiple choice questions with a 70% pass mark and, like every other aspect of the Level 3 Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology course, it is delivered online. There is no waiting for weeks for your result – you know immediately. Final Assessments are held every 8 weeks and so, not only can you enrol at any time, but you have a broad choice as to when you sit your Final Assessment too.

If you live outside of the UK or if travelling to the Assessment Centre is problematic for you, we can arrange for you to take your final assessment from the location of your choice. The only requirement is that you do have access to a webcam with both visual and audio functionality. ETS has software that enables them to invigilate both your surroundings and your screen. Taking your final assessment using this method also means that you are not limited to the final assessment dates shown below, making the course even more accessible and flexible for you!

When is the Final Assessment held?

Final assessments are scheduled throughout the year. You will be required to meet for refreshments at 10.30am for an 11am start. If you select to take your final assessment from home, we arrange your assessment date to suit you – so you are not tied to the dates listed above.

What happens after I enrol?

ETS will e-mail you with the login details that you use to access the course. You progress through the course at your own pace, supported as required by your e-tutor. Once you have shown your mastery of the subject you elect to sit your final assessment and your VTCT Level 3 Certificate will be sent to you.

Will my PC be able to run the course?

This course is delivered online and so there is a minimum system requirement as set out below. If you are in any doubt ETS can arrange for you to access the course for a few minutes to test compatibility.

Minimum System Requirements
PC and MAC compatible
Broadband internet connection

Minimum Software Requirements
Google Chrome 11, Firefox 4, Safari 5, Internet Explorer 8, (JavaScript & Cookies must be enabled on all browsers)
Adobe PDF Reader
Adobe Flash Player
Microsoft Word (or equivalent)