Advanced Kinesiology Workshops

The advanced Kinesiology Workshops are suitable for all students that have completed a Foundation Course in Kinesiology.

Please note, if you would like to become a fully qualified Kinesiologist you will need to complete the Practitioner Course.

For those who would like to deepen and expand knowledge in Kinesiology and Energy Healing, who are not planning to attend The Practitioners Course, there are 4 exciting weekend workshops for you.

During the 4 weekends (held over 4 months) you will be taught powerful kinesiology and energy tools to balance and harmonise both the internal and external energies of the body.

We will be looking at advanced Kinesiology techniques alongside deeper emotional understandings to balance the digestive and hormonal systems which are at the root of most health issues.

There will be an opportunity to perfect and hone skills, with new tools to explore and release emotional and physical imbalances in the body.

Over each weekend I will be helping you to access and cultivate your own healing energy, to work with subtle frequencies and combine powerful Kinesiology tools with dynamic touch.

As part of these advanced Kinesiology workshops there will be an opportunity to have one to one time between each weekend to build confidence and experience.

For more information please contact

or call Dawn direct on 07968 202252