Self Inquiry Workshop

At Essence Health Training we teach Kinesiology at Foundation and Practitioner level however we also strongly believe that doing your own inner work (gently letting go of redundant ways of thinking and being) allows you to become so much more than a good technician of Kinesiology or indeed whatever healing modality you use – which is why we have created this brand new workshop on the art of Self Inquiry.

‘Self-inquiry is the art of asking spiritually powerful questions, and a question that is spiritually powerful always points us back to ourselves.’

However not all of us know how to do ‘self inquiry’, what questions to ask and how to hold a safe space in the process.

self inquiry

On this workshop you will learn:

  • A profound and gentle structure for self inquiry
  • How to open and hold space for yourself and others
  • Techniques to protect your own energy
  • How to deepen your meditation practice through a series of guided meditations. When we are able to meditate deeply we are able to access deeper levels of self inquiry.
More Information

Venue, Dates & Cost

New dates and venue for this workshop will be announced soon.

The cost of the workshop is £150 per person.

Important Notes

This workshop IS suitable for all.

No qualification or certification is offered with this workshop. However it will qualify for CPD hours with The Association of Systematic Kinesiology.