Self Mastery Workshop

Why do some people succeed at levels beyond their imagination, while others struggle? So often it comes down to two main areas; how they master their emotions and how they master their ability to communicate. Think about it, if you can’t master your mind and body and your ability to influence others, then you’re stuck forever in mediocrity.

That’s why we have developed a ‘Self Mastery’ workshop delivered over two days on the subjects of Subconscious Emotions and Subconscious Communication. This workshop hosted by Austin Wyse and Dawn Bailey has been designed to help you begin to take real control of every aspect of your life and begin to reach your full potential.

Self Mastery

Some of the key areas covered in this workshop include:

Day 1 Subconscious Emotions
• What emotions are and how they impact on every aspect of our minds/bodies and lives.
• How emotions are learned
• How our explicit and implicit languages shape our lives
• Practical suggestions to balance emotional well-being

Day 2 Subconscious Communication
• The common problems people face with communication including the key element of misinterpretation.
• How to listen in a new way using ‘The 4 Modalities’
• How to talk in a new way by creating internal language structures

More Information

Venue, Dates & Cost

Venue, dates and cost for this workshop will be announced soon.

Important Notes

This workshop IS suitable (and recommended) for students and non-students of Kinesiology. It is open to ALL.

No qualification or certification is offered with this workshop, however Self Mastery does qualify for CPD hours with the Association of Systematic Kinesiology.